Apple - App Store Campaign
In 2017, App Store got its biggest upgrade with whole new designed App store, daily editorial contents, apps and games tab and enhanced search function. It’s more than just a redesign—it’s about rediscovering how the App Store can make every day better.
Along with the on-store overhaul, the off-store marketing has launched Today tab campaign. The objective is to raise the awareness of new Today tab and let our audience know Today tab is your new daily destination, it makes your routine day extraordinary.

 Creative Director: Sang Han
Art Director: June Shim

New App Store Design Concept
The framework for the campaign relies on a hero being the focal point within the frame of the Today card UI. As the full image comes into focus it is revealed that there is an entire world beyond that frame, what was first shown on the card may not be the entire story. The story beyond the crop should have an element of surprise, and unexpected addition to the story that the viewer would not have expected. Execution Static Execution Storyboard Execution Animation
Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.