Nike - Project SIXTY-SIX
The athlete and the fan are the most important elements to any sport—when they collide you get magic: a crazy ex-referee who stalks players, an overly enthusiastic fan who hounds players and fellow fans for answers, wide receivers who are pulled over for speeding sown the field. And Nolan Ryan who pitches a ball in the colors of a classic baseball trading card. When personalities of athletes are allowed to shine we meet the Bo Jackson who plays guitar, the Michael Jordan who hangs with Bugs Bunny, and the Darryl Strawberry who stands tall.

Project SIXTY-SIX showcases Nike’s unique blend of athleticism, celebrity, inspiration and art found in their best advertising campaigns, the individual flair of top athletes, the amazing collaborations with gifted actors and playfulness of the image have created icons, catch phrases and images that remind us how much we love basketball, football, baseball and the incredible athlete whose skills we endlessly admire.

Creative Director: Kevin Wolahan
Designer: June Shim

Cargo Collective, Inc.
Los Angeles, Calif.